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Pirates May Lighten Workload on Young Starters

The Pirates will be watching their young starters´ inning counts closely in the coming weeks, and they may go with a six-man rotation.

I don´t think this is a bad idea, but it´s going to mean that we´re probably going to see some very bad pitching in September. As I´ve written before, the Bucs´ bullpen has been overworked. The Pirates have five relievers with 50 appearances or more. Salomon Torres has 73; 22 year old Matt Capps has 64. It´s going to be tough for the pitchers currently on the Pirates´ roster to pick up the slack if a reliever is moved to the starting rotation.

This means we´re probably going to see some AAA pitchers pick up innings once rosters expand in September. We´ll see more of Jonah Bayliss, which isn´t bad, but probably we´ll also see Ryan Vogelsong and others.