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More Absurd Wishful Thinking

Here's some more wishful thinking along the lines of that 2003 Tigers = 2006 Pirates article from a few days ago. Pardon the snark below, but this article contains so much silliness that I don't feel like I can hold back.

These Pirates are looking up at the Cincinnati Reds in the standings.

They're also looking to them as a reason to believe that 2007 will be different from the previous 14 years.

"They've shown you can do it no matter what type of situation you're in," said Jason Bay of the Reds, who are atop the wild-card standings with a 62-60 record.

Problem #1: Longing to be a 62-60 team is pathetic.

Problem #2: The Pirates' winning percentage this year is .385. The Reds' 2005 percentage was .451.

Problem #3: The Reds aren't even any good - they're getting outscored by their opponents. Their opponents have scored 35 runs more than them this year; this time last year, the Reds had been outscored by 47 runs. The Reds' "success" this year doesn't prove anything about the Reds, much less the Pirates.

The Pirates are 17-15 since the All-Star break.

Had they managed to win at such a rate through their first 90 games, they too would be chasing a playoff spot.

This is true - if the Pirates had won as many games over the course of a season as they'd won during some completely arbitrary time frame, they'd almost look like contenders in a bad division and a terrible league.

"We're pretty close to getting there," said starter Paul Maholm, who is 2-2 with a 3.23 ERA over his past six starts. "The four of us (Maholm, Zach Duke, Tom Gorzelanny and Ian Snell) are quietly establishing ourselves as a pretty good core."

How someone who has pitched like Maholm has this year can say this in the press is beyond me.

(Jason Bay:) "Maybe we can add that guy that will help us put it all together and put us in the position to make similar moves next year."

That guy, seemingly, should be a veteran starter that could anchor the rotation.

Sure, only the Nuttings aren't going to raise payroll, so it's hard to figure out where the Bucs are going to get the money to acquire a veteran who will actually help. Moreover, it's unclear where they will find the brainpower to even identify someone who might help.