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Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati Reds, 20 August 2006

1:15 PM


Victor Santos (5-7, 5.48)  vs. Aaron Harang (12-8, 3.82)

According to the Pirates' official website, the Bucs are 2-12 in three game rubber matches.  Wow, what a meaningful stat!  If only they had a super sweet clutch hitter like Derek Jeter, then they wouldn't have this problem.  Incidentally, the Pirates are 47-76 in ALL of their games this year.  Just food for thought...

Nevertheless, Victor Santos and the Pirates will try to take a rubber match from Aaron Harang and the Reds today in Cincinnati.

Quote of the day: "[Victor Santos] will remain in the Pirates' starting rotation for the foreseeable future as pitching coach Jim Colborn attempts to correct flaws in Shawn Chacon's pitching delivery." that we can rest assured that Santos will remain in the rotation for the duration of the season, let's all hope that he improves his performance.