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Mondesi Fined for Electrical Fraud

Via Primer, leave it to former Pirate Raul Mondesi to break rules I didn't even know existed:

Crews which detect and eliminate electrical fraud have uncovered irregularities worth some RD$50 million in the last 2 months, including illegal connections found in the homes of the ex- Major Leagues ball players Raul Mondesí and Jose Rijo.

For the presumed fraud uncovered in the multimillionaire ex- big leaguer's residence and deputy-elect for the governing PLD party in this southern province, Mondesí was fined RD$150,000, which has yet to be paid, said of the National Electrical Fraud Elimination Support Program (Paef) PR Jorge Peguero. Mondesí's and Rijo's residences are in their native San Cristóbal.