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Bucs Deal Hernandez to Phillies

The Pirates have traded Jose Hernandez to the Phillies for cash. Hernandez isn't making much money, so the fact that he passed through waivers (or at least got to the Phillies on waivers) suggests that he had almost no trade value - even if the Pirates were a smart team, I doubt they'd be able to get even a Grade C prospect for him.

Anyway, this deal is largely irrelevant to fans - none of us liked Hernandez much (although he wasn't as bad as we sometimes made him out to be), and the cash the Pirates get will probably just go into the owners' pockets anyway. The Pirates already have a number of guys who are versatile like Hernandez is and hit better than he does, so he won't be missed - but, hey, don't tell that to Jim Tracy.

The Pirates will call up another player - perhaps Mike Edwards - in time for the game tomorrow.