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Pittsburgh vs. Atlanta Braves, 22 August 2006

7:35 PM


Shawn Chacon (6-4, 7.36 ERA)  vs. Oscar Villarreal (9-1, 4.13 ERA)

After getting utterly dominated by the Braves' pitching staff last night, the Bucs know they must quickly come out of their offensive funk.  If they don't, Shawn "I, you don't understand, I really suck"  Chacon will almost certainly put the game out of reach for the Pirates by the fifth inning.

To make matters worse, Jeromy Burnitz is the only Pirate who has gotten a hit against Oscar Villarreal, the Braves starter for tonight (Many have never faced him at all).  Of course, if Burnitz can get a hit against him, then perhaps the Pirates are in for an offensive explosion after all.