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Link Roundup

-P- The Pirates are likely to try to sign Freddy Sanchez to a multiyear contract after the season.

I like Sanchez. Like many Pirates fans, I stumped for him this offseason when the Pirates were signing Joe Randa to replace him. And like all Pirates fans, I've been thrilled with Sanchez's performance this season.

However, like nearly every major idea the Pirates have had recently, this is stupid. Sanchez has a ridiculous 45 doubles, but nearly all the rest of his offense is batting average. He'll probably be a high-average hitter for the forseeable future, but he's not a .348 hitter. If Sanchez hits .300 rather than .348, he's about an average third baseman. It's not as if Sanchez is young, either, so it's extremely likely that this is his peak season.

The Pirates are about to sign Sanchez based on a level of performance he's highly unlikely to sustain. It's possible Sanchez will agree to a cheap contract, but unless that happens, this is the wrong time to be talking about an extension.

-P- Tom Gorzelanny will miss another rotation turn. Anyone else suspect he's done for the season?

-P- Here's one of several articles about the criticism the Pirates are getting for having Me First and The Gimme Gimmes play the other night. I wasn't there, but if that band is anything like I remember them when I heard them as a teenager, I have no idea what the Pirates were thinking.