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News Roundup

-P- Craig Wilson critiques the Pirates' front office:

The Pirates averaged 95 losses during Wilson's first four years in the majors, but the problems didn't really stem from having lousy players. Results from having an indecisive front office left the players questioning the ownership's commitment, he said.

"It was tough," he said. "I think they were still trying to decide on what were the best options for the organization, and I don't know if they really made a decision on that."

I want to hear more about the players "questioning the ownership's commitment."

-P- For what it's worth, Ed Eagle suggests the Pirates may indeed trade Jose Castillo this offseason.

-P- Also over at the Tribune-Review, there's a new poll. As of this writing, 48% of respondents say that they are either "very optimistic" or "somewhat optimistic" about the team's chances of avoiding a losing season next year. Some folks never learn. If the Pirates didn't thrive on this sort of misguided optimism, it'd be adorable.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Romo Phone Home has a good new post up on almost this exact topic.

Lots of stuff in today's Post-Gazette:

-P- I was right: Tom Gorzelanny's injury appears to be more serious than the Pirates initially reported. Ominously, Jim Tracy is also quoted in the Trib as saying that Mike Gonzalez has "a dead arm." (There's also a full article on Gonzalez' condition in the Beaver County Times.) That may not mean anything, but I can't help but worry.

-P- Dave Littlefield says that next year's payroll will be "plenty." Which, after the listener stops laughing, begs the question: "plenty" enough for what? Another 100-loss season? If it weren't so easy to call the Pirates on their BS, I'd be tempted to suggest that we look at this article again in a year, when the Pirates will again be near the bottom of the standings. By then it will have turned out that either the payroll was not, in fact, "plenty," or that Littlefield just can't get it done.

-P- B.P. Chacon, Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa have cleared waivers. None of that is particularly surprising, but it's worth mentioning again that it's been just a matter of months (or, in Chacon's case, weeks) since Littlefield acquired those players, and now no other team will take them. Littlefield even gave up talent four weeks ago to get Chacon and his contract, and now he can't give him away. Great.