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Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh, 28 August 2006

Guzman, Snell (

7:05 PM


Angel Guzman (0-3, 5.84) vs. Ian Snell (11-8, 4.58).

This has to be the most pathetic series the Pirates have played since that awful set against the Royals in June. Thanks to the losses of Derrek Lee, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood and awful seasons from Glendon Rusch, Rich Hill, Ronny Cedeno, John Mabry, Neifi Perez and others, the Cubs are almost as bad as the Bucs. In a moment of apparent vulnerability, manager and pitcher-abuser Dusty Baker recently whined to the press that sometimes he doesn't feel he has a future with the Cubs. I play a tiny wittle pity violin for you, Dusty.

Anyway, Chicago sends Angel Guzman to the hill. Guzman is, I believe, in his third stint with the Cubs this season. The Pirates knocked him around in his only start against them, on May 2.

Box Score: Ryan Doumit starts at first, X is in right, and Jose Bautista is at third. Lee is actually back today for the Cubs.