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Link Roundup

-P- Funny quote from Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson:

Craig Wilson homered off Nate Robertson (11-11) and Jason Giambi added a sacrifice fly for New York, which returned from California on Sunday after playing 21 games in 20 days...

"Craig Wilson is a nine-hole hitter? He was a four-hole hitter somewhere else," Robertson said.

That'd be Pittsburgh, Nate. Pittsburgh. You know, like, about halfway between Chicago and D.C. It's like Pittsburgh don't even exist except as some distant point on the baseball frontier. (I know, I know. It's true. For all intents and purposes, Pittsburgh may as well be Ottawa, or Albuquerque, or something.)

Incidentally, top draft pick Andrew Miller made his big-league debut today. He pitched a scoreless inning, allowing only an HBP to... you guessed it, Craig Wilson.

-P- Remember when some of us were hoping the Bucs would claim Victor Diaz from the Mets? Well, the Rangers got him in a trade.

-P- Speaking of the Rangers, Kip Wells is having season-ending foot surgery.

-P- Pat  has some advice for the Pirates' scoreboard operators.