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Sanchez Rests

Freddy Sanchez takes a break tonight. As the Post-Gazette points out, Freddy has been struggling recently. Actually, "struggling" is a relative term. Sanchez has 10 hits in his last 10 games, but that has dropped his batting average 13 points in that span.

This isn´t news, per se - .350 batting averages are tough for even the best hitters to sustain. I´m betting Sanchez winds up around .320 or so. What´s interesting about Sanchez´s recent play is how long he took to get into this quasi-slump. Sanchez´s average hasn´t been this low since June 11.

Whatever happens with Sanchez this season, and whatever qualms we might have with batting average as a statistic, he´s been a joy to watch this year, and it´s also been nice to see a Pirate in a race in August.

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I picked a good time to leave the country - it´s been a slow news week. I´m mostly jetlag-recovered and will try to update more regularly in the coming week.

(Apropos of nothing, but - one never notices how often one types the letters Y and Z until they´re in different places on the keyboard.)