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Pittsburgh vs. Houston Astros, 8 August 2006

8:05 PM


Paul Maholm (4-9, 4.83) vs. Brandon Backe (2-1, 4.38 ERA)

Please let me apologize in advance for the format of this post; I am still working on getting the html right. I promise that I will try to bring the pretty pictures back soon.

Despite putting up a decent ERA recently, Paul Maholm has allowed five homeruns in his last four games, a streak that needs to end to increase the Bucs' chances against Lance Berkman and the Astros.  

Brandon Backe will make his sixth uninteresting start against the Pirates as he aims to prolong the Pirates' current two game skid.

Jim Tracy has again used his superhuman perception to spread some good news.  Said Tracy, "There's an expectation in this room that I didn't feel was there every day during the course of the first half."

When asked if the anyone in the clubhouse would elaborate on his incredibly vague comment, Tracy replied "We will."  OK, OK, that last part was a lie...