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Hernandez to Diamondbacks; Lopez to Red Sox

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The Nationals traded Livan Hernandez to the Diamondbacks for pitching prospects Matt Chico and Garrett Mock. The Orioles dealt Javy Lopez to the Red Sox for a player to be named or cash.

I have little to say about the Lopez deal, except that it´s a good one for the Sox (unless the PTBNL is good, which is unlikely). Lopez is an aging catcher, but he was still producing like an elite player only a couple years ago, and the Red Sox needed someone after they lost Jason Varitek to injury.

Like Wilbur, I´m wondering what the Hernandez trade means about what the Pirates could have acquired for their veterans before the deadline. Neither Chico nor Mock is a top prospect, but they both have more upside than any of the players the Pirates got.