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Link Roundup

-P- John Perrotto catches up with former Pirates Jason Kendall, Ty Wigginton, Oliver Perez and Dave Williams. I was angry about the ways Perez and Williams were lost, but I don't really care about Wigginton (a .316 OBP from a corner infielder who can't play defense? No thanks), and Dave Littlefield deserves more props than I've given him for unloading Kendall at the right time. Kendall's having a reasonable bounce-back season this year, but he has absolutely no power anymore, and he's not even close to making up for his horrific performance last year. Ronny Paulino is clearly having a better season than Kendall.

-P- For once, I agree with Jim Tracy:

"[Chris Duffy has] been a prototypical leadoff hitter for this club," Tracy said. "He's played with energy, conviction, commitment and a thought process."

I agree. Duffy's a prototype, a throwback. He recalls the days when leadoff hitters didn't have to be able to do anything on offense except run fast.

-P- But seriously, it sounds like Tracy is taking Shane Youman pretty lightly, which is a good thing:

racy said that rookie pitcher Shane Youman, who made his first major-league start yesterday, might get a few more opportunities during the final weeks of the regular season.

"Some of that depends on the bullpen session we have with Tom Gorzelanny (today)," manager Jim Tracy said.

I guess Wilbur's right. As unimpressed as I am with Youman's one-strikeout, four-walk performance yesterday, there's no real harm in letting him have a few starts, unless he prevents players with more potential from starting, which apparently won't happen. Van Slyke has it right:

I mean, I'd rather watch him walk 4 and strikeout 1 than Chacon or Santos, so what the hell, go for it.