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Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh, 11 September 2006

Davis, Duke (

7:05 PM


Doug Davis (10-9, 4.92) vs. Zach Duke (8-13, 4.78).

Since getting back to .500 on August 24, the Brewers have lost 13 of their last 16. A lot of that apparent collapse is incidental - in that 3-13 slide, they're 0-6 in one-run games. Even before August 24, though, the Brewers have had a disappointing year. Their pitching has been especially poor.

It's pretty easy to see them putting together a terrific year in 2007 - they can hope for consolidation seasons by Rickie Weeks and J.J. Hardy, more playing time for Corey Hart, and a monster year from Ben Sheets, who improbably has a 4.38 ERA right now despite striking out 85 batters and walking only nine in 78 innings.

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