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New York Mets vs. Pittsburgh, 16 September 2006

El Duque, Gorzelanny (

7:05 PM


Orlando Hernandez (10-10, 4.96) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (2-3, 3.74). Gorzelanny's back, which is of course great news for the Pirates. Apparently the news item I linked here a couple of weeks ago saying he was done for the season was premature. Good thing, too. Anyway, expect to see a lot of relief pitching, as Gorzelanny won't be allowed to throw too many pitches.

In other news, Oliver Perez has already been throwing as hard as 96, which begs the question of why the heck the Pirates couldn't get him to throw 96 this year. Perez's control wasn't exactly great in 2005 or in 2006 with the Pirates, but it really wasn't all that good in 2004 either, and he was great then. Velocity seemed like about 80% of Perez's problem this year. If he's got that back, I wouldn't be surprised if he were good again in a hurry. Then again, though, the way Perez's velocity has been up and down this year, it might be gone next week.