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McClatchy Won't Comment on His Future

I almost missed this:

...McClatchy's words did little to detract from suspicion that these were his final days with the Pirates.

"I'll comment on my situation after the season," McClatchy said. "That includes my ownership share and my job as managing general partner."

...For every team official who has confided he or she does not expect McClatchy to return, there is somebody who pleads honest ignorance as to McClatchy's true intentions.

Hmm. This is interesting, at least, but I doubt much will change unless the Nuttings leave too.

Elsewhere, McClatchy comments on the Pirates' plans for the offseason, saying that the Pirates need a power hitter and a pitcher but that the payroll will be about the same as it was this year, and the easiest way to get those players may be through a trade. McClatchy goes on to say that the Pirates will not look to trade Jack Wilson, which suggests that Jose Castillo will be on the block.