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Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis, 2 September 2006

Chacon, Weaver (

7:15 PM


B.P. Chacon (6-5, 7.18) vs. The Bad Weaver (5-3, 6.16). A couple of real winners here. Weaver has been consistently awful all year long; he doesn't have a single month with an ERA below 5.40. We all know about Chacon. Have fun with Albert Pujols, Shawn!

Here's the box score. Jack Wilson is out of the lineup again. Ryan Doumit is at first. Kudos to Jim Tracy for finding at bats for Doumit since Doumit returned from the DL.

In other news, the Pirates clinched their 14th losing season in a row last night. They have to win ten more games to avoid 100 losses. Josh Sharpless was officially activated yesterday.

Finally, here's an AP news article about Freddy Sanchez's chase for the batting title:

Sanchez hit .291 in 453 at-bats last season, mostly at third base, yet the Pirates went out and signed Joe Randa to a $4 million US contract to be their third baseman. Sanchez? He was supposed to be their super sub, a guy who would get regular at-bats at every infield position.

If nothing else, this illustrates why the Pirates are one loss from a 14th consecutive losing season: They had a potential batting champion and NL all-star on their roster, yet didn?t make him a regular until he forced them to do so in early May.

Oh snap! You know your franchise stinks when disses like that start showing up in AP reports.