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Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis, 3 September 2006

2:15 PM


Ian Snell (12-8, 4.70) vs. Anthony Reyes (4-6, 4.73).

In Saturday's game, B.P. Chacon and Jeff Weaver kept runs off the board despite my making fun of both of them (although it's worth noting that Chacon still walked more than he struck out; even if the blind chicken gets the corn, it could just be dumb luck). So I'll avoid making too many judgments about Sunday's starters, except to say that I'm sorry I won't be watching this game in real time - I really want to see Reyes pitch. Reyes is taking the rotation spot of the injured Mark Mulder. He's a heralded young pitcher, so much so that he's the guy Dave Littlefield was apparently and stupidly trying to get when the Cards were interested in Craig Wilson. Reyes throws hard and has a good slider to boot.