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Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 20 September 2006

Chacon, Maddux (

10:10 PM


Busted Paperclip (I don't want to think about it) vs. Greg Maddux (13-13, 4.22).

Fun facts about Greg Maddux!:

1. He's going for career win number 332 tonight!

2. People used to call him "Mad Dog," which, ballplayers' tendencies to use variations on each others' names aside, has to be one off the least appropriate sports nicknames ever. (Other candidates?)

3. He's currently 12th on the all-time list for strikeouts!

Fun facts about B.P.!

1. ????????!

The Bucs look for their fifth win in a row tonight.

Box Score

UPDATE: If you think I'm too negative, read this thread.