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Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 21 September 2006

10:10 PM


Shane Youman (0-1, 4.32) vs. Chad Billingsley (5-4, 3.32). Billingsley is mega-prospect who joined the Dodgers rotation in June. His stats are mostly relatively unimpressive - despite the low ERA, he has 52 walks to go with only 54 strikeouts - until you check out his monthly splits. In June he walked 13 batters and struck out six. In July he walked 25 and struck out 22. In August he walked 12 and struck out 25, and he allowed only one homer and put up a 1.50 ERA. He sat out a couple of weeks in September with a strained oblique and was rusty in his return against the Padres, but if he can shake that off, this is a guy who's ready to pitch in the big leagues. He brings a solid 94 MPH fastball and a good slider and curve.

Here's more about Youman than you've ever cared to know.

Box Score