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Pittsburgh vs. San Diego, 22 September 2006

10:05 PM


Tom Gorzelanny (2-3, 3.62) vs. Chris Young (10-5, 3.63). If Young still pitched for the Pirates, he'd easily be their ace. He pitches in a great ballpark for him, but he's no park illusion (especially not with a road ERA two and a half runs lower than his home ERA) - his 37.9 VORP, which is park-adjusted, is twelve runs higher than the nearest Pirate's, even though Young has pitched about 40 innings fewer than Pirate leader Zach Duke. Anyone remember that awesome spring training Matt Herges had with the Pirates?

It's depressing that two pitchers Dave Littlefield has tossed away for nothing - Young and Bronson Arroyo - would be the Pirates' top two starters if they were still around. If nothing else, that fact says a lot about how young players are worth... a heck of a lot more than nothing.

Tom Gorzelanny makes his second start after returning from the DL. He only went four innings in his first start, so I'd be surprised if he went much more than five tonight. Expect to see a bunch of relievers.

I'll be in section 305, which should probably be high enough to see the top of Young's head.