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Pittsburgh vs. San Diego, 24 September 2006

McLeary, Hensley (

4:05 PM


Marty McLeary (1-0, 4.76) vs. Clay Hensley (10-11, 3.81).

Ugh. Marty McLeary. Hensley has turned into a pretty good starter despite not having a great minor league career. Not only does he pitch in a great park, but he's also an extreme groundball pitcher. Those factors lead to low ERAs even though he doesn't record many strikeouts. He throws a sinking fastball and a good slider. Hensley is one of two members of the Padres' starting rotation to be traded for Matt Herges. The other is Chris Young and we all know about that.

The big story today, of course, is that Trevor Hoffman could record the all-time saves record.

Box Score - Jason Bay is back in the starting lineup. Carlos Maldonado is behind the plate.