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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 27 September 2006

7:05 PM


Jason Hirsh (3-4, 5.83) vs. B.P. Chacon (7-6, 6.25).

Remember Hirsh? He's the enormous hoss of a man who shut down the Pirates on August 27. His numbers have been absolutely destroyed by a start on August 22 in which he allowed ten earned runs against the Reds. Seriously, who leaves a starting pitcher in to absorb ten earned runs? Anyway, other than that one start, Hirsh has been decent. He and Round Rock's defense and the gods of luck deserve some props for Hirsh's 2.10 ERA in 137 innings in the PCL this year - it's not easy to have an ERA like that in that league, especially when you're not much of a groundball pitcher.

Box Score