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Pittsburgh vs. Chicago Cubs, 6 September 2006

Duke, Hill (

8:05 PM


Zach Duke (8-13, 4.97) vs. Rich Hill (4-6, 5.23). Hill was having an eventful but not exactly great minor league career - striking out a ridiculous number of batters but also walking way too many despite being about three years too old for his level at every stop - until last year, when he got his walks under... control and whizzed through the upper levels of the minors. His performance this year at the big league level has obviously left something to be desired, but the Pirates did make him look brilliant on August 6, when Hill struck out nine Bucs in seven innings.

I mean, you could watch this largely pointless and probably very aesthetically displeasing game. Or, if you've got, you could watch the following games instead:

-You could watch Oliver Perez mowing down the Braves.

-You could check out the young Florida Marlins as they try to improve their wild card chances tonight against the Diamondbacks.

-You could watch the resurgent A's as they finish their game against the Rangers.

-You could check out the world champion White Sox take on the Red Sox.

-You could watch the White Sox's division and wild-card rivals the Twins against Tampa Bay.

-You could watch the NL-West leading Dodgers take on the Brewers.

-You could watch the Padres trying to defend their wild card lead in a game against the Rockies.

-You could watch Ryan Howard try for his 54th homer against the Astros.

Etc. Etc. Etc.