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A's Claim Jerome Williams

This isn't a headline-making move or anything, but it's worth mentioning here. The A's have claimed Jerome Williams off waivers from the Cubs. Williams is 24 and has about 400 major-league innings under his belt, during which he has an ERA or 4.03. He has been a good starter in the past and could be one in the future. I just watched a little bit of his April 15 start against the Pirates, and to my untrained eye there doesn't appear to be anything unfixably wrong with him, unless something has changed since then.

Williams has had a terrible season, but let's keep in mind that the Bucs are the same team that just added Juan Perez and Shane Youman to their 40-man roster. They could've had Williams; why are they bothering with non-prospects like Youman or Carlos Maldonado when they could have Williams instead?