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Rosenthal: Pirates Wouldn't Give Up Duffy

Ken Rosenthal:

The Pirates not only are refusing to trade any of their young starting pitchers, but they also are unwilling to part with center fielder Chris Duffy, who enhanced his standing by playing well at the end of last season. Duffy is a strong defender and energetic player, and the Pirates lack an internal replacement. The Braves wanted Duffy along with Gonzalez for first baseman Adam LaRoche.

That's great. So the only thing we're willing to trade is relievers. Good luck getting a power bat for one of those. If all the Braves wanted for LaRoche was Gonzalez and Duffy, I can't understand not taking that. Gonzalez is a reliever and Duffy is not nearly good enough to be a core player for the Bucs. LaRoche is a young, left-handed first baseman with a .915 OPS.