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News Roundup: Teams, Players Exchange Arbitration Figures

Here's an article about the arbitration figures teams and players have exchanged. Carlos Zambrano is about to get really rich - the Cubs offered $11 million, and he asked for a staggering $15.5 million.

Among Pirates, Freddy Sanchez asked for $3.1 million and was offered $2.15 million.

Jody Gerut, who made $875,000 to not play last year, was offered $800,000 and asked for $925,000. B.P. Chacon was offered $3.7 million and asked for $4.25 million, which is unbelievable. Jose Castillo was offered $1.8 million and asked for $2.2 million. Meanwhile, John Grabow, the only player in this paragraph who's actually productive, will make less than any of the others (well, except maybe Gerut) - the Bucs offered him $765,000 and he asked for $925,000.

-P- In other news, the Rangers have offered Sammy Sosa a minor league deal. Speaking of Sosas, the Mets gave Jorge Sosa a one-year deal worth $1.25 million dollars. That may seem like a bargain to anyone who fondly remembers Sosa's 2.55 ERA in 2005 with the Braves, but his 5.42 ERA in 2006 is much more indicative of his actual talent.

-P- Also, in a move that could increase the chances of the Pirates signing Brian Lawrence, the Orioles dealt starter Rodrigo Lopez to the Rockies for Jim Miller and Jason Burch, both minor-league relievers with a bit of upside who are coming off disappointing seasons. Lopez had a horrible ERA in 2006 but had peripheral numbers similar to the ones he's had his whole career, so the Rockies can hope he bounces back. It's probably at least as good a bet as counting on Lawrence, for whom they were the frontrunners. The Pirates may have a clearer shot at Lawrence now, which probably isn't a good thing.