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Brent Lillibridge

So apparently PECOTA, Baseball Prospectus's projection system, has an enormous machine-crush on Brent Lillibridge. PECOTA thinks he could be an excellent leadoff hitter right now and considers him one of the best prospects in baseball.

I'm just throwing that out there as something to discuss. I don't have any particular reason to "believe" it, exactly, and I can't come up with any compelling reason to change the opinion of Lillibridge I had before. I also think it's weird that I'd never heard anyone describe Lillibridge as a top-notch prospect before today. But the thought that there may be upside there that I didn't notice makes me a bit queasy, and it makes Dave Littlefield's refusal to trade Chris Duffy all the more perplexing.

I'm still cautiously optimistic about this deal, but wow, do I not understand not giving up Duffy.