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Community Projection: Ronny Paulino

UPDATE: The Paulino projections are now closed.

I started last year's Community Projections in late January, and they were one of Bucs Dugout's most popular features. I hope we'll have fun with them again this year.

For the unititiated, here's what Community Projections are: every day or two I open a new thread where you can predict how you think a certain player will do next year. After a couple days, I close the thread and average all the predictions and compare them to at least one computer projection (we used ZiPS last year). Then at the end of the year, I'll compare the average prediction to the player's actual statistics and name the individuals who came closest to guessing each player's actual line.

We start today with Ronny Paulino. Unlike with last year, I suspect there will be widespread disagreements about how a number of Pirates hitters will do. Paulino is probably one of the ones we'll disagree about. Will he continue to hit for a high average? Will he add power?

Let me know in the comments by projecting at least his 2007 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

Here is WTM's profile of Paulino, which includes his major- and minor-league stats.