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Why Wouldn't the Royals Like "The Office"?

Why Wouldn't a Pittsburgh Pirate find this funny? (

Royals Review has a funny post wondering why major league baseball players would be interested in watching The Office. RR doesn't understand why a ballplayer for the Royals would be interested in the show, but I think I do. Royals Review:

While the NBC version has definitely veered into generic "zany" comedy with a heavy dash of pointless love story between two attractive people, at the heart of the show remains a certain despair about the sad joke of life.

Exactly! Why wouldn't someone affiliated with Royals (or Pirates) relate to that? True, Craig Wilson was a semi-celebrity and made something like $7 million in five and a half years with the Pirates, but other than that, how could he not see himself as the baseball equivalent of Jim (or, even better, Tim from the British version), a sane and competent person buried in a mess of mediocrity and absurdity, biding his time while waiting for something better to come along?

Take, for example, this article about how the Pirates, having lost out on Brian Lawrence, are going after Tomo Ohka. How could a Pirates player not appreciate the episode in which the Secret Santa becomes a Yankee Swap, and Jim winds up with a lame shamrock keychain? Or the episode in the British version in which, as the hour goes late, Gareth winds up going home from the bar in the sidecar of a motorcycle with a woman and her husband?

The Office is all about lowered expectations, and so are the Royals and Pirates organizations.