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Ohka Signs with Blue Jays

Tomo Ohka has agreed to a one-year deal with the Jays. Given that Ohka's plan is to have a good year this season and then cash in next year, signing with the Jays seems like a really stupid thing to do - the American League is much better than the National League, and on top of that, Ohka's going to have to face the Yankees and Red Sox a bunch of times. One would think that the Pirates, who play in a weak division, would be much better suited to Ohka's goals.

(UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal reports that Ohka's contract is for between $750,000 and a million bucks. That's just unbelievable.)

In other news, the Reds acquired another mediocre pitcher - this time it's Kirk Saarloos and a PTBNL, in a trade from the A's. The A's get minor-league reliever David Shafer and a PTBNL. I've always liked Shafer, who's posted excellent strikeout rates as he's moved up the chain, and I bet the A's PTBNL will turn out to be a decent player. But the A's are basically just getting rid of a player they don't need. Saarloos' peripherals were just horrible last year.