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Pirates Close to Signing Sanchez to Two-Year Deal

The Post-Gazette reports. This will probably be along the lines of the two-year, $8 million deal Jack Wilson signed a couple years back - it won't be a bank-breaker, because the Pirates have lots of leverage. They already know they won't have to pay Sanchez more than a few million next year in even the worst of circumstances, and they retain Sanchez's rights the next two years after that. In a way, this deal mitigates risk and gives them additional leverage - if Sanchez has another big year in 2007, the Bucs have him signed cheaply in 2008 and can use that to their advantage if they want to sign Sanchez to a long-term deal (not that I'd advocate signing Sanchez to a long-term deal). I'd expect this to be something like two years, $7.5 million.