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Community Projection: Jose Castillo

UPDATE: The Castillo projections are now closed.

Here's another extremely frustrating player. We were way too optimistic on Castillo's projections last year - we expected him to develop more power, and it never showed up. Not only that, but Castillo seemed to completely shut down as the year went on. Also, his defense was hideous.

Yuck. Anyway, leave a comment guessing Castillo's 2007 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

The Jose Bautista projections are still open. Jack Wilson is closed. Here are the results.

Ronny Paulino C .271/.334/.414 .272/.327/.378
Adam LaRoche 1B .281/.350/.539 .279/.345/.526
Freddy Sanchez 2B .314/.360/.436 .306/.348/.432
Jack Wilson SS .273/.314/.373 .270/.312/.377

Weird set of projections for Wilson - some people were really optimistic, suggesting on-base percentages higher than Wilson has ever had, and others were downright dismissive and disgusted. But either way, our projections and ZiPS' are pretty much exactly the same.

By the way: move the decimal point for our projections of Wilson's on-base percentage over a digit, and you get a number that's within .0004 of Pi. The person who can make the best joke out of that is... well, a huge dork.