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Link Roundup

Slow day today.

-P- I was amused by a line about Jack Wilson in this article:

Wilson thinks the Baseball Prospectus' metric is a truer indicator of the Pirates' defense in 2006.

Ok, I took that out of context, but it's still funny. Wilson is the last (English-speaking) player I'd ever expect to even know what Baseball Prospectus is, much less agree with anything they've written.

Also in that article, Wilson has lost a bunch of weight, as expected.

-P- Some reaction to the Wilson-Jose Castillo dustup:

-Baseball Primer
-Ron Cook

The Cook piece is kind of silly:

Winning games in the National League Central Division isn't as difficult as eliminating the culture of losing that long has surrounded the Pirates. Years and years of getting your fanny kicked can beat down even the best of men. Jason Kendall and Brian Giles are two who come to mind. Good players, they were eager to make their mark as big-leaguers when they joined the Pirates, eager to be the ones to lead the team's resurrection. Slowly but surely, though, all of the losses took their toll on them. In the end, they couldn't wait to leave Pittsburgh.

Who cares what Giles' attitude was? He produced from the moment he arrived in Pittsburgh to the moment he left. However much he liked playing in Pittsburgh, he would've been a big part of the team's success if the organization had just surrounded him with good players. One doesn't automatically win by creating a healthy, hungry environment in the locker room.

-P- Ian Snell has been named the Athlete of the Year by the Delaware Sportswriters and Broadcasters Association. I mean no disrespect to Snell, who's a good pitcher, but if you know anyone from Delaware, this would be a great way to make fun of them. "Oh yeah? Well, at least my state didn't name Ian Snell its Athlete of the Year." All I'm saying is - and I mean this with the utmost respect - if Ian Snell is your state's best athlete, your state is filled with wusses. It's cool that he won, though.

-P- Did anyone see this AP article, which wonders if the megadeal recently signed by Chase Utley might have anything to do with Freddy Sanchez and his negotiations with the Pirates? Amazingly, the article describes Sanchez as a "better all-around hitter" than Utley. Why is it seem that about 75% of sentences that include the words "all-around" become ridiculous when you drop "all-around"? For example, compare:

Sanchez is a better all-around hitter than Utley.


Sanchez is a better hitter than Utley.

The first opinion gets past the AP editorial board and is presented as fact in a news article. The second is just absurd. And I love Sanchez.

-P- Salomon Torres expresses excitement about being the Pirates' closer. At an event last weekend in Wheeling, Torres told my dad that being a closer was like getting the "office corner."

-P- Via OnlyBucs, watch out! Lloyd McClendon is working on reducing Curtis Granderson's strikeouts.

-P- This (which comes via Beyond the Box Score isn't directly Pirates-related, but it's interesting. The contracts to which the Indians have signed their young players are just obscenely cheap. It's as if the Pirates signed four different players to contracts similar in value to the one they gave Jason Bay.

-P- This (link via Viva El Birdos) is a really good idea. This blogger decided to do team previews by mocking every team. First up: the Cardinals.

The Cardinals lost out to the Brewers - THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS - for the services of Jeff Suppan (enjoy the dubya Milwaukee, Miller Lite still tastes like s*$#), wisely chose not to pursue Jason Marquis, and neglected Jeff Weaver until he finally gave up and went to live in the three-day beard solitude of the Pacific Northwest, all so they could have Adam Wainwright, Anthony Reyes, and Kip Wells in the rotation.
Zing! We may not have a great team, but at least there's schadenfreude.

(Actually, though, I'd much rather have Reyes than any of those other guys.)

By the way, via Primer, Preston Wilson has re-signed with the Cards. (This is a message board, but the author is a reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.)

-P- Wow - look at what Felix Hernandez did this offseason.