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Link Roundup: 1/30/07

-P- Jeff Sackmann has a Pirates preview up at Beyond the Box Score.

-P- The Hardball Times isn't too psyched about Neil Walker:

Walker's performance has never quite matched his pretty swing and highly regarded tools. In 2006, health problems contributed to his merely adequate performance. Walker. a switch-hitter, missed the first month of the season recovering from wrist surgery and later spent some time on the disabled list with a viral infection.

I can excuse his uninspiring power production because of the wrist injury, but Walker remains a free swinger who projects as a low-OBP player with questionable receiving skills. I'm not as optimistic about his future value to a big league club as most people, but it will be nice to see what he can do over a full season.

If you needed any more perspective on how bad the Pirates' farm system is, this ranking provides it - Walker is certainly one of the Pirates' top three prospects right now, and yet there are a dozen catchers in front of him on this list.

Thanks to Bucdaddy for the link.

-P- Season ticket sales have increased markedly since the Adam LaRoche trade.

-P- Sammy Sosa has finally signed a minor league deal with the Rangers.

-P- Barry Bonds, meanwhile, has finalized his one-year, $15.8 million deal with the Giants.