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Community Projection: Chris Duffy

UPDATE: The Duffy projections are closed.

There probably isn't another player on the current Pittsburgh roster who generates more debate than Chris Duffy. Well, maybe Jack Wilson is generating more right now. But the point is, Duffy's controversial, in part because he looks like such a ballplayer (what with the good defense and awesome speed), partly because he plays extremely well at times, and I think partly also because he's kind of a throwback. I have no evidence to support this claim, but I suspect he reminds people of a time when players like him were more highly valued.

In spite of all that, Duffy is going into his age 27 season, and he has a solid but uninspiring minor league profile and a career .700 OPS. What can we expect from him in 2007?

Let me know in the comments by guessing his 2007 batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. Also, it'd be interesting if people predicted his stolen base and caught stealing numbers. They won't go in the chart, but I'll write about them at the end of the season.

Jason Bay is still open. Jose Castillo is closed. Here are the results:

Ronny Paulino C .271/.334/.414 .272/.327/.378
Adam LaRoche 1B .281/.350/.539 .279/.345/.526
Freddy Sanchez 2B .314/.360/.436 .306/.348/.432
Jack Wilson SS .273/.314/.373 .270/.312/.377
Jose Bautista 3B/OF .255/.343/.436 .255/.338/.431
Jose Castillo 2B/3B .259/.307/.404 .256/.304/.388

ZiPS thinks even our modest projection is too optimistic. I'm thinking ZiPS will probably be closer here, if only because we've been hoping for years that Castillo's power would come around, and it just never has. Why should this year be any different?