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D'Backs Sign Randy Johnson

The deal will go through. Johnson's new contract situation is incredibly complicated, but my impression of what's going on is that the $26 million, two-year extension to which the Snakes just signed Johnson includes 2007, for which the Yankees were already on the hook. The Yanks have agreed to toss in $2 million in the trade, so the D'Backs owe Johnson $24 million (in addition to a ton of money they still owe him from the last time he played for them). Part of Johnson's problem with the Yankees was that his breaking ball didn't snap as hard as it used to. Perhaps that can be resolved with good coaching. Given his age, though, I doubt it, so the D'Backs will probably be getting a mediocre pitcher. That may not matter much, though - he'll be the first Hall of Famer wearing a D'Backs hat (well, unless Curt Schilling gets in first) and he'll probably finish his career in Arizona, and all that is excellent PR for a young franchise.