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Reds Interviewing Dusty Baker

The Reds are interviewing Dusty Baker for their manager's job.

If being terrible is the Reds' goal, and it apparently is, I don't know why they're messing with Baker and Wayne Krivsky. Aren't Larry Bowa and Randy Smith available? Seriously, wouldn't the job Bowa could do alienating all the Reds' best players outweigh the damage Baker will do when he inevitably shreds Homer Bailey's arm? And wouldn't the damage Smith would do by cold-calling Juan Gonzalez and offering him a twelve-year deal outweigh the damage Krivsky does when he trades Austin Kearns for Royce Clayton? Also, I believe Dave Littlefield is still available and would listen if the Reds offered him an assistant GM job. Come on, Reds - if you're going to tank, at least you should really try.