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New York Times: Neal Huntington Part of "New Breed"

If you're still wondering what the Frank Coonelly/Neal Huntington era will be like in Pittsburgh, the New York Times has a couple more hints (mostly on the second page of the article):

"Cleveland is a club I've respected from the commissioner's office for a long time in the way they analyze issues and systematically put together major league and minor league clubs and think through problems in putting a team together," said Coonelly, formerly baseball's general counsel for labor.

"Neal has been in the office and then back out in the field being a talent evaluator. He had a nice blend, somewhat unconventional in that he wasn't sitting in an assistant general manager's seat.

"He was someone who understood the value of statistical analysis but also somebody who appreciated the job scouts do and the subjective judgment of people who look at amateur and professional players."

It sounds like Huntington fits the mold of the four general managers whose teams are still in the playoffs: Theo Epstein, Mark Shapiro, Dan O'Dowd, and Josh Byrnes. Whether he will have the talent (and, in some cases, luck) those four have had remains to be seen.