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Open Thread: LCS, Day 10

It's Jake Westbrook and Dice-K in the deciding Game 7 tonight at 8:07 on FOX. Kevin Millar, the scruffy court jester of the 2004 Sox World Series team, will throw out the first pitch, which is amusing because Millar currently under contract with the Orioles, who are Red Sox division rivals, at least in theory.

-P- Lots of awesome news today. First, Paul Byrd has admitted to using HGH just after doing interviews for a book in which he talks about how his relationship with God and what that has to do with cheating in baseball. Byrd apparently only used the HGH before Major League Baseball banned it, and it does appear that his pituitary gland issue is legitimate, but he bought some of the HGH under dubious circumstances - with a prescription from a dentist whose license was later suspended.

-P- Larry Bowa will coach third base for the Mariners, thus making a badly-run organization that much more badly-run. Hey, if you're going to be badly-run, at least be consistent, right?