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Updates May be Sporadic

So I went to work yesterday and stayed inside from about noon until about six o'clock, when I walked outside and found the weather spectacular, unseasonably warm, with a strange, hazy sunset and a faint smell of barbecue. I drove home and got out of my car, confused that it still smelled like barbecue but generally feeling pretty good about things. So I changed and went out for a run until my contacts started hurting and I realized there must be something in the air.

Turns out there are raging wildfires all over San Diego County. One neighborhood about five minutes from where I live has already been evacuated, so there's a decent chance that I will be too. I don't have internet at home anyway. School is closed. I'm fine and this thing isn't going to hurt me or damage anything particularly valuable of mine, so don't worry about that, but it's obviously a serious situation here, especially for folks directly east of me.