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Community Projection Review: Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson SS .273/.314/.373 .270/.312/.377 .296/.350/.440

Well, we didn't do so well there. No one predicted a slugging percentage about .400 - which makes sense, since Wilson had only done that once in his career before this year. Wilson probably hasn't gotten as much credit for his season as he should because he started slow, but his 2007 was almost as good as his much-ballyhooed 2004. Wilson played less in 2007 because of injuries, but he set career highs in homers, walks and on-base percentage, all while playing good defense at shortstop. And to think that in June I wanted to replace Wilson with Brian Bixler! Oops.

2007 started as a typical Wilson year. He was okay in April and June and horrible in May and July. Then something happened toward the end of that month, and he hit like crazy the rest of the year.

In 2004, Wilson really went nuts for the first couple months of the year. I remember some folks speculating at the time that Wilson was hitting so well because he was relieved that Brian Giles and Mike Williams, who'd bothered him, were gone.

Well, maybe Wilson hit so well this year in August and September in part because he was anticipating finally getting out of town. Cesar Izturis was acquired in July, and by the end of the month, and stretching into August, rumors were flying that he was about to be traded to Detroit. Maybe he really just wanted to leave and was looking forward to the day when that might happen. If so, let's keep those trade talks hopping in April and May 2008.