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New Scouting Director Greg Smith: We Won't be Cheap Anymore

I'll believe it when I see it:

Speaking of cost cutting, the Pirates' drafts under Creech were conducted with the bottom line in mind. On more than one occasion, he was overruled by former general manager Dave Littlefield because of financial considerations.

Considering new club President Frank Coonelly instituted Major League Baseball's slotting system for the draft, which suggests a signing bonus for each pick, the assumption can be drawn the Pirates will keep going on the cheap.

Smith disputed that notion.

"I'm fully confident that I can select whoever I feel is the best player left on the board when it is our turn to pick," Smith said. "And I'm excited about that."

Of course, it's always easy to deny that money is a consideration when you're drafting. Dave Littlefield even claimed that Daniel Moskos was the player he wanted last year. So I don't think that Smith's claim here means anything one way or the other. I'm still glad he said it, though.