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NY Times: Mets Could Pursue Ronny Paulino

The Ronny Paulino-to-New-York rumors won't die:

They are interested in Colorado's Yorvit Torrealba, whose profile increased during the Rockies' run to the World Series, and could pursue a deal for Baltimore's Ramón Hernández, Pittsburgh's Ronny Paulino or Texas' Gerald Laird. They could also re-sign Paul Lo Duca, who, despite turning 35 in April and having his least productive full season in the majors, is a strong clubhouse presence and is well-liked among the pitching staff.

I think it would be great if the Bucs could trade Paulino to New York - not only would they not have Ronny Paulino on the team anymore, but we'd also get to watch him become the most unpopular player in baseball, instead of just the most unpopular player in Pittsburgh. Seriously, if he goes to New York, he's the next Hideki Irabu. Or Roger Cedeno. Or whatever.

If the Mets called and asked for Paulino, I'm pretty sure Neal Huntington would listen, and then he'd sign some AAAA player to sit in the bench and come in when Ryan Doumit got hurt. Paulino probably won't be part of the next good Pirates team, so I'm sure the new front office would be happy to trade him for someone who could be.