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Mets Pursuing Yorvit Torrealba - Paulino Staying Put?

The Mets are pursuing Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba and are expected to make him an offer "worth as much as $5 million annually." They'll then split playing time between Torrealba and Ramon Castro, who they're expected to re-sign.

This may or not be a better idea for the Mets than trading for Ronny Paulino. Anywhere near $5 million a year for Torrealba seems like way too much - he hasn't put up an OPS+ above 78 since 2004. Also, he has struggled for the last two years to hit above .250 in Colorado. He has a good defensive reputation, but that's likely to slip as he enters his 30s.

Castro's a useful catcher and letting him play 70 games a year seems like a good idea if the Mets can't find an above-average starter, but as with most catchers, he and Torrealba both hit right-handed, so there's no way to maximize a platoon advantage there. The one advantage to using Castro in a semi-regular role is that it helps Torrealba keep his shoulder healthy. But then, why sign Torrealba in the first place? It's a tough free agent market for catchers, but surely Omar Minaya and company can be more creative than this.