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Pirates Officially Decline Cesar Izturis' Option

The Pirates have declined their pricey option on Cesar Izturis:

Despite Izturis' status as a free agent, Pirates general manager Neal Huntington expressed a potential interest in bringing the shortstop back next season, albeit at a much lower cost. Any further talks between the Pirates and Izturis will continue during the ongoing free agency period while Izturis also gauges interest among other possible suitors...

Even with the Pirates' interest, the likelihood of Izturis returning to Pittsburgh remains doubtful. Prior to the end of the season, the 27-year-old infielder expressed an interest to return to the Pirates if given the opportunity to play on a full-time basis. The chances of that role being handed to Izturis, however, are extremely unlikely.

I'd say the chances of Izturis starting anywhere are extremely unlikely, even in this weak shortstop market.

The article goes on to say that Neal Huntington sent an email to B.P. Chacon's agent saying he's interested in having Chacon back, but that Chacon, too, is unlikely to return. So it sounds to me that both Chacon and Izturis are being shown the door in the most polite way possible. Which sounds good to me.

Anyway, I assume this ends the Cesar Izturis era in Pittsburgh. Let's see: 45 games, a 69 OPS+, a few decent plays at shortstop, and about $577,000, including the $300,000 buyout. We still don't know who the player to be named later we traded for him is.

In ten years when we look back at the Pirates' rosters from the mid-aughts, we're going to say, "Really? Cesar Izturis played for the Pirates? I don't remember that." That's $577,000 the Pirates won't ever get back.