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Huntington Looking to Trade Jason Bay

Via Honest Wagner, Metro Canada reports that Jason Bay could be on his way out of town:

General managers assembled for MLB meetings in Florida this week were surprised to hear new Pittsburgh GM Neal Huntington spreading word that outfielder Jason Bay can be had for a package of minor-league players. Huntingon plans to restock the Pirates' farm system and, to accomplish that, will deal Bay and/or other Pittsburgh veterans...

Showing the most interest in Bay so far are the Cleveland Indians.

This is a tough call. Given Bay's poor season last year, this may  be exactly the wrong time to deal him. But given many worrisome indicators - Bay's age, health problems and late arrival in the majors among them - there may never be a better time to trade him. Bay's only two years from free agency now, so time's running out in any case, and if the Pirates wait until July and he's still not hitting well, they're not going to get anything for him.