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Craig Wilson Wants to Come Back to Pittsburgh

Via Primer, the AP reports:

"I know at this stage of my career, I'm not going to get a contract to be an everyday player, but I'd love to come back here and play off the bench," said Wilson, who tied a major league record by hitting seven pinch-hit homers in 2001. "I always liked it in Pittsburgh and never wanted to leave here."

Everyone knows I love Wilson, and I'd like for him to come back on a minor-league contract, but I don't see how the Pirates (or any team) could possibly give him a major-league deal at this point. Unless his power comes back - and given his shoulder problems, that doesn't seem very likely - he wouldn't make the team on merits. And even if it did come back, the Pirates have plenty of players who are like him but younger. Already they need to open up a spot for Steve Pearce (who could well end up being a better hitter than Wilson in his prime, and who's already a better fielder). Josh Phelps is a year and a half younger than Wilson and did the all-stick-no-D thing off the bench last year as well as Wilson could possibly hope to. And there's Ryan Doumit, too.

The idea that Wilson wants to come back to Pittsburgh is actually kind of sad. When he was useful, the Pirates didn't value him, and his career has fallen off a cliff so quickly that he has to try begging for a job with the team that mistreated and generally wasted him. Maybe he and his family just like Pittsburgh, but I doubt that's it. Given that you're going to be in the major leagues and all, there doesn't seem to be any situation worse than being one of the Pittsburgh Pirates' best hitters and having to sit and watch instead of playing, all because you drink too much Pepsi. I can't imagine there's much to Wilson's desire to come back except desperation.