Pirates in the Mitchell Report

I've seen a number of jokes about Pirates and performance-enhancing substances recently ("They should ask for a refund!", etc.), and as such, the number of ex-Pirates named in the document was surprising to me. No current Bucs were implicated, but a large number from the last few years ended up in the spotlight: Kevin Young, Denny Neagle, Jose Guillen, Josias Manzanillo, Jason Christiansen, Ron Villone, Armando Rios, Gary Matthews, Jr., Benito Santiago, and Tim Laker. (Surprisingly, given the amount of space dedicated to the history of steroids in baseball, Matt Lawton isn't mentioned.) Big names like Roger Clemens will draw most of the attention, but there are all kinds of players mentioned, right down to minor bench players like Nook Logan. The fact that so many guys from one of the league's worst teams are there really illustrates the breadth of the problem.

The report is pretty remarkable, and I'd encourage all of you out there on the intertubes to download a copy and read it for yourselves.

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